Blue Mountain

Singletrack Trails Club


For those of you who have the time and desire to give back to our trails but aren’t able to participate in the organized efforts like MERA Spring Cleaning Day there are some other options. First of all, join BMSTC!  Or work on some trails.  Union County does request that all volunteers at MERA sign a Release Waiver prior to doing any work. Please print it and drop off at The Mountain Works in downtown La Grande at Adams & Elm. The Mountain Works also has printed copies available to fill out on site.
Lopping and pruning is something that anyone can do in the course of regular recreating. You can be ready at any time by zip-tying a scabbard to your bike for a pair of hand pruners and it works great. Any brush or branches that slap you in the face, arms, shins, etc. is fair game. Also opening up sight-lines on corners to better see oncoming traffic.
Use your Release Waiver to let us know where you have lopped for tracking purposes.

If you would like to help, please contact

At MERA or other BMSTC Trails