Blue Mountain

Singletrack Trails Club

Nothing is worse than packing up all your kit for a great ride only to find out when you get to the trailhead that the singletrack trails are too muddy or too soft to ride without causing damage.

Well, there is one thing that is worse: riding on muddy or soft trails and causing trail damage!!!
Please don’t do this.

But there are all weather routes on MERA that are always open even when the singletrack trails are too muddy or too soft.  Download a map from the Maps page to follow the descriptions.

MERA All Weather Routes

Owsley Canyon Trailhead:

Trail 602 to 605 to 603—takes you to Lower Igo Trailhead for an out and bike ride.

Trail 602 to 708 to 409 to 600, and south, makes a loop back to Owsley Canyon Trailhead.

Trail 600 to 409 to 609 takes you to the north boundary of MERA/USFS Boundary for an out and back.

If you need a serious climb/descend/loop, take 600 to 409—stay left on 409 on the steep climb up to 202 (Mt Emily Rd) and loop back down to Owsley Canyon Trailhead; or, ride up 202 to the summit road and retrace your route.

Lower Igo Trailhead:

Trail 603 to 605 to 602 - takes you to the Owsley Canyon Trailhead where you can link up with any of the rides listed above.

Trail 603, to 605 to 708 to 409 to 600 takes you the long way to Owsley Canyon Trailhead where you can link up with any of the rides listed above.

When in doubt—gravel surfaced roads are always open.

The photo clearly shows unacceptable damage to MERA singletrack trails.  If you observe a rider or riders please take action as follows:

  • Inform these people, in a cordial manner, that they are causing damage to MERA trails which is not allowed and is unacceptable.  
  • Let them know that they are violating Union County MERA rules and that you have no alternative but to report them to Union County.
  • Take pictures of the individual(s) as well as of their vehicles and license plate.

Note: a group of horseback riders was confronted last spring for causing damage to MERA trails and told that they were going to be reported to Union County. They did the right thing: they reported themselves and scheduled a time with Sean Chambers to go up and repair the damage they had done. The responsible thing to do. Thank you.

Where to Ride Horses/Mules and Mountain Bikes When the Trails are Too Muddy or Too Soft

Mt Emily Early Season Routes