We had a hardy baker’s dozen today (10/1/2017) to wrap up the trail work for this season. We have a relatively easy home run across the bottom of the hill next Spring to finish it out. 
A big Thank You to the Dirt Mechanics: Paul, Derrick, & Jaden for the truly exceptional work they have done and for rolling with the punches of late snow melt-off, fire closures, and early snowfall. You couldn’t ask for better.
Thanks also to Blue Mountain Singletrack Trails  Club, Baker Loves Bikes, Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort, US Forest Service, Recreational Trails Program, and all the volunteers. It wouldn’t have happened without you.
These pictures from today don’t do it justice; you have to see it in person. This trail is sweet, top to bottom.

The Broadway Trail

A new trail at Anthony Lakes


Blue Mountain

Singletrack Trails Club