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Board of Directors 2017:
  Lance Colburn
  Greg Howard
  Whit Hartz
  Bart Barlow 
  Jeff Duloz

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The Blue Mountain Singletrack Trails Club, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization of La Grande Oregon, is dedicated to developing, maintaining, and enhancing a network of environmentally sustainable trails in Northeast Oregon for seasonal use by runners, hikers, x-country skiers, equestrians, and mountain bicyclists.

Our Motto . . . . . Enjoy, but don't Destroy!
If the mud is sticking to your tires or your steed's hooves, please do not ride on the singletrack trails . . . . . just delay and come back another day when the mud has had a chance to dry — or restrict your ride to the rock-surfaced roads.

a network of environmentally sustainable trails in Northeast Oregon.

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Broadway Flow Trail....

Was almost completed this year.  See the story...

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Dedicated to developing and maintaining...